Spring in Pittsburgh

Two signs, one a little old but one from today, that spring is really here:


I’m not sure what the salmon-colored flowers are, but we thought they were pretty so we’d planted a bunch of them.

2 of the 3 deer who wandered into our yard at rush hour...

We live on a busy street, so seeing some three deer in our teeny-tiny back yard during rush hour was a tad disconcerting. They stayed long enough for a photo session, then wandered away. We alerted the Mt. Lebanon police to warn them about this possible traffic hazard.

Growing Greener II Poster

I’ve been doing some contract work for PennFuture recently. It involved mostly database work, but I’ve been distributing posters for the Growing Greener II referendum on May 17. I brought posters to Shadyside and Squirrel Hill yesterday, and to the South Side yesterday. I lived in Shadyside in the late ’70s and wish I could afford to live there again!

My novel has been coming along slowly this week, because in addition to the contract work, I also had a very lengthy and interesting job interview yesterday. I’ll probably hit at least 51,000 words tonight. Tomorrow, we’ll probably go see Kingdom of Heaven. I like that it’s both ambiguous and doesn’t have a tight narrative structure – it was about a war, after all! I don’t like that it seems to have put crossbows about 400 years early in time, but…

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