Remember Before You Vote

Remember Before You Vote

Laurie D. T. Mann

Many politicians make it clear they don’t care who dies,

so long as the wealthy and corporations pay less in taxes.

They don’t care when people die from lack of medical care.

They don’t care when women die from backroom abortions.

They don’t care when soldiers die in pointless wars.

They don’t care when citizens die in war,

or industrial hazard,

or from a failure to plan well,

or from poor infrastructure,

or from a lack of education,

or from bad water, food or air.

They don’t care when the harassed die from murder or suicide.

Don’t elect the ignorant who make it perfectly clear they don’t care about

“Government of the people

by the people

for the people.”

It’s still your choice.

Vote smart!

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3 Replies to “Remember Before You Vote”

  1. I appreciate your entry as I am one of the MANY a.k.a. 99-percent.
    If ONLY people will use SIMPLE commonsense when listening to either Party, then we The People wouldn't be forced to suffer. However, I am OFTEN reminded that commonsense isn't so common nor that simple.

  2. I wish there was someone I could vote for 100%. That's impossible. The Democrats are less bad than the Republicans, but they've been completely cowed by power and aren't listening to the people very much. I heard about a book today that I'm going to have to buy and read: With Liberty and Justice for Some by Glenn Greenwald, which discusses the disappointing unequal legal system in this country.

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