Possible dpsinfo.com Service Outtage

I’m in the process of moving to a slightly different domain hosting program at Pair. As a result, my mail and Website may flake out over the next day. I expect everything to be back to normal as the nameserver updates are propagated around.

If you need to reach my domains, try http://pl524.pairlitesite.com/

Jim’s mail service could also be disrupted as dpsinfo.com serves norstrilia.org’s mail.

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One Reply to “Possible dpsinfo.com Service Outtage”

  1. Blogs and Web sites should be all OK.

    Our mail was out for a while on Sunday (between about 10am-2pmEDT), but seems to have survived the transfer. If you wrote to either Jim or me mid-day Sunday and haven’t heard back, please resend.

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