I May Have Severe Political Burn-out But Nothing Will Stop Me From Voting

I’m at the point where I tune out of commercials and I’m listening to classical music at work rather than NPR.

However, despite my exhaustion, I will vote, and I’ll work some on election activities during the weekend before the election and maybe even on election day. This election is just too important to sit out (not that I ever have – I’ve voted in every presidential election since 1976).

We Kerry fans supporters some additional reason to feel pumped up – take a look at: http://www.electoral-vote.com/, a fascinating site I’ll check often over the next two weeks.

I haven’t felt much like writing lately. I’d like to write something called “Massachusetts Liberal and Proud,” because pretty disgusted by how the Bushies are trying to make that sound like saying you’re a child molester or something. When we saw the recent Bushie commercial that claims Kerry is the most liberal Senator and the most liberal person to run for President, Jim immediately said, “Well, what about Franklin Delano Roosevelt?” Roosevelt was both our most liberal president ever, and probably the greatest president of the Twentieth Century. Maybe we need a really liberal president to help out country get over its Bushie-induced fear. Roosevelt said “We have nothing to fear but fear itself,” and that was at a time this country was in even worse shape than it is now.

I made one last donation to the election by attending a really neat party on a sunny Sunday afternoon in one of the most fabulous houses in Pittsburgh, with the best personal wine cellar I have ever visited. Way cool!

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