I Have Returned…

I haven’t been posting all that much lately because I haven’t felt very well and I’ve been waiting to have surgery. Due to some various insurance and doctor busy-ness issues, the surgery kept getting pushed off (it was pretty much elective – ovarian cysts).

Anyway, I finally had the surgery on Friday. When I had ovarian cysts previously in 1978, I was in the hospital for at least five nights. This time, I was only in for two nights. However, unlike during my last surgery, I had this surgery at a small, almost empty hospital. I was the only patient on the gynecology ward on Saturday! And while the surgery and post-opt went pretty smoothly, I wound up with a really awful migraine today because the air in the hospital was so dry.

But, I’m home, the migraine is finally over, and I have to spend the next few days resting. I will be at Confluence this weekend, and it looks like I’ll be at Armadillocon as planned next month.

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3 Replies to “I Have Returned…”

  1. Laurie – So glad your surgery went well and that you’re feeling better. And the migraines, yuck! So take care, and I love your smile.

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