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My Chicon Panels

I’ll be on a couple of panels at Worldcon:
Thu Aug 30 12:00:pm-1:30:pm 
How to Moderate a Panel
Veteran panelists discuss how to be an effective panel moderator, and offer suggestions on things to avoid.
Janice Gelb Laurie Mann Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Thu Aug 30 4:30:pm -6:00:pm 
So You Think You Want to Run a Convention?
A panel on the basics of con-planning and con-running.
Deb Geisler Howard Scrimgeour Laurie Mann Milt Stevens Vincent Docherty
Sun Sep 2 12:00:pm-1:30:pm
Science Fiction In Memoriam
A remembrance of authors, fans, artists, and actors who the science fiction community has lost since we last convened at Renovation.
Laurie Mann Mike Glyer Steven H Silver

Sun Sep 2 3:00:pm-4:30:pm
Worldcon Heritage Project
Fannish history exhibits are a way to connect fans of the present with mementos of the past. The Worldcon Heritage Project is working to collect, catalogue, and repair the publications, T-shirts, and other items from Worldcons past.
Kevin Standlee Laurie Mann Mark Olson
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