Thinking About Convention Codes of Conduct

In the “old days” (about 1976 or so), there was an informal Fannish Code of Conduct:

Do Good
Do No Harm
Throw a Good Room Party

At last night’s Confluence meeting, we had a brief discussion about developing a code of conduct for Confluence and I said I’d help develop one.

Ideally, I’d like it to be what we had in the ’70s – something extremely short, to just remind people to be adults.

There have been some harassment issues at Confluence. They haven’t been quite as ugly as at other cons, but I know they have happened. People have the right to attend a con and if they feel unsafe, the con com should be told and the harasser should have his (or her) membership pulled.

Boskone’s Code of Conduct gets pretty much to the point (and was vetted by at least one if not two lawyers):

I think some cons have codes of conduct that go on a bit long (even if I do agree with most of its points):

Both John Scalzi

and Mary Robinette Kowal

have written at length about Con Behavior/Codes of Conduct.

It would be nice if our Code of Conduct could be something simple as:

Don’t be a jagoff
A jagoff is a person who harasses others, feels entitled to make sexual advances, tries to make others feel uncomfortable. If someone tells you “No” or “Go Away” and you don’t go away, you’re a jagoff. If your behavior continues and is reported to a con com member, we can pull your badge and tell you to “Go Away.”
So, don’t be a jagoff, be an adult.

For folks from outside the Pittsburgh area, common definitions for jagoff.

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Hate the Republican Shutdown? E-mail Your Tea Party Rep/Senator EVERY DAY

I live in a reddish area outside of Pittsburgh, so my Congressman, Tim Murphy and Senator, Pat Toomey are both pretty solidly Tea Party (though Toomey did vote for the Violence Against Women Act and did work with Joe Manchin to try to improve gun checks, so he very occasionally shows a little sense). We know politicians tend to lie, but Republicans seem wedded to the big lie. Most of the Tea Party claims that they are only hearing from the “Shut the Government Down” faction.

It is vital for the people who want the government re-opened to contact their reps, even if they’re Tea Party types, frequently, every day if possible.

I have E-mailed Murphy and Toomey every day of the Republican shutdown. They need constant reminders that many people in every district want a progressive, properly funded country. I urge you to write to your federal legislators.

In addition, I tweet a message supporting Obama every day, and telling Boehner to let the Congress vote. Tweets are more symbolic than practical. But I think they are useful.

I’ll keep a record of my E-mails and tweets here and will update it daily.

To E-mail any Senator, go to To E-mail any Representative, to to


My daily E-mail to Tea Party Tim Murphy & Senator Pat Toomey:
Republicans keep claiming that the Affordable Care Act, which is still not completely implemented, has “failed.” A year ago, Republicans kept claiming that Romney would beat Obama in the November election. How can we believe people who are that out-of-touch? I encourage you to ignore your Tea Party overlords and do what’s right for the American people – stop the shutdown!

(And, at the same time that people are pounding on the ACA for some bad coding on the ACA Website, Toomey’s Web crew continues to be so incompetent that they can’t process the information from a single Webform with about 20 fields. So, again, I had to go into the Tea Party-infested Facebook page of Pat Toomey to submit my daily complaint.)

Tweets (OK, I’m guilty of a repeat here)
.@BarackObama, Democrats & some Republicans: Stay strong and DON’T BLINK. Americans have your backs. #BoehnerShutdown
.@SpeakerBoehner – it’s clear if you had the courage to stand up to the Tea Party insurgency, the Senate’s clean bill would pass. #DOYOURJOB


My daily E-mail to Tea Party Tim Murphy & Senator Pat Toomey:
Much as I do think the government must go back to work, I am glad you voted to pay furloughed Federal workers. Please fight for the people and get back to work.

[[Toomey’s CAPCHA code was broken AGAIN so I had to go to his Facebook page…*sigh*]]

.@BarackObama, Democrats & some Republicans: Stay strong and DON’T BLINK. Americans have your backs. #BoehnerShutdown
.@SpeakerBoehner – it’s clear if you had the courage to stand up to the Tea Party insurgency, the Senate’s clean bill would pass. #DOYOURJOB


My daily E-mail to Tea Party Tim Murphy & Senator Pat Toomey:
The Republican shutdown continues even on a weekend, so I’m writing to you on a weekend to remind you that you don’t just represent the Tea Party – you’re supposed to be representing ALL of your constituents. Not everyone agrees with you; many of us care about the country, and it is only being damaged by your shutdown.

.@BarackObama, Democrats & rational Republicans – some of us write our TP reps daily in support of you. Stay strong, we have your backs.
.@SpeakerBoehner Thanks again for showing up you have no courage against the Tea Party insurgents-PERMIT A VOTE. #BoehnerShutdown


To Representative Murphy & Senator Toomey:
My daily reminder that not all of your constituents are Tea Partiers. In fact, many of us will never vote for another Republican after this Republican shutdown. Get back to work.

To @BarackObama, Democrats & Rational Republicans – Stand strong against the tea party insurgency. We have your backs! #BoehnerShutdown
.@SpeakerBoehner Show you have courage against the Tea Party insurgents-PERMIT A VOTE. The Republican shutdown is now the #BoehnerShutdown


E-mail to Representative Murphy & Senator Toomey:
I watched a video where Republican Congressman Randy Neugebauer of Texas harassed a National Park Ranger, trying to blame the ranger for obeying the rules of the government shutdown. Aren’t you at least a little ashamed to be in the same party as someone who who can’t take responsibility for the actions of your party? Your party started the shutdown, and your party is the only group who can stop it. Get back to work.

To @BarackObama, Democratic & a Growing Number of Republican Reps: Stay strong for America & DON’T BLINK. More voters than have your backs
@SpeakerBoehner Stop being the Tea Party’s lapdog! Do something for AMERICANS for a change – bring the Senate bill to a vote TODAY.


E-mail to Representative Murphy & Senator Toomey:
This is my daily reminder to you – I live in Pennsylvania and I do not believe the Republicans should either shut down the government over the Affordable Care Act or play games with the debt ceiling. Stop it and get back to work.

To President Obama, Democrats & an increasing number of Republicans: Stay strong against the extremists and DON’T BLINK. We have your backs


E-mail to Representative Tim Murphy & Senator Pat Toomey:
I will try to write to you every day of the Republican shutdown of the federal government, just to remind you that Americans are disgusted. I am opposed to the government being shut down because you Republicans don’t believe in the Affordable Care Act. It passed. Get over it and move on.
As my friend Laura Anne Gilman says: To: every member of Congress. From: nearly every US citizen. Hand in your paychecks until you decide to work again.
If there’s any part of government who most deserves to not be paid, it’s the Congress, especially the Republican members.

President Obama, Democrats, & the few rational Republicans – Stay strong and don’t blink. We have your backs against the American Taliban

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Think About This Country’s Financial Obligations [[An Open Letter to Congress]]

I originally published this on Facebook on July 12, 2011 at 12:35pm. However, it pathetic that our “talk-lots/do-nothing” Congress has put us back in this position again so I’m republishing this short essay again.

Have you bothered to read the Constitution?

Do you know what the 14th Amendment means?

Third World countries default on their debts, but countries like America never should.

The debt ceiling needs to be raised, millionaires need to pay more taxes, tax loopholes need to be closed, the minimum age for Social Security benefits needs to be raised, and the government should not start wars it has no plan to pay for.

You should all be ashamed of your obstructionism, but, of course, you are not.

It is ironic these days that the “traditional enemies” of the US do not seem to be Iran or Russia anymore – it’s the many obstructionist Republican members of the House (including the representative for our district, Timothy Murphy and one senator, Pat Toomey).
The only thing I’d change in this essay is “the minimum age for Social Security benefits needs to be raised.” What I should have said was “the salary ceiling for Social Security should be increased to the first $500,000 of income.”

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In Praise of Police When They Protect and Serve and Not When They Murder the Public

I’ve been extremely troubled by a rash of police pre-emptively shooting people, generally black men. Isn’t the slogan for police “To Protect and Serve”? How is the murder of men like Jonathan Ferrell protecting or serving anyone?

I blame poor education, bad training and entrenched racism for most of these shootings. Cops everywhere do not behave so stupidly. When cops are properly hired and trained, they can solve problems.

We had an incident at our house a couple of years ago when a drunk teenager, apparently looking for his girlfriend, chose our doorbell to ring at 4am. We went and talked to the kid, but he refused to go away (frankly, he was too drunk). We said if you don’t leave we’re calling the cops. He didn’t leave, so we called the cops. A single female cop showed up within ten minutes and talked to the kid. She diffused the situation in a way we could not, not by shooting, tasing or arresting the kid, but by firmly talking to him. She figured out where he lived and brought him home. She protected and served, which is what cops ought to be doing. We declined to press any charges because she solved the situation.

I wish all Americans could rely on the police as we did. Jonathan Ferrell, apparently upset by having been in a car accident, did not have that opportunity.

2013.09.17 – In news reports about the North Carolina shooting, the cop pumped 10 bullets into Jonathan Ferrell. Sometimes, cops do accidentally kill innocent people, but shooting 12 times, at least 10 of those shots hitting their intended target? That was no accident.

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Things I’m on the Fence About

I’m generally an independent person, but the Republican party has gone so far to the right over the last 20 years that I haven’t voted for a Republican since 1999 and have been a registered Democrat since just after the 2004 presidential election.

Despite this, I try not to be a knee-jerk progressive. I don’t completely agree with progressives on a couple of issues:

  • Government-ID for voting. Most poor people do have government-issued ID, even if they don’t have a driver’s license. It isn’t that hard to get. If anything, it might be harder for older people or people who live in very rural areas, and who might be more likely to vote Republican to get a government-issued ID if they don’t already have a driver’s license. That said, the Republicans are clearly over-rating potential voter fraud, and are trying to disenfranchise people likely to vote for Democrats. I encourage everyone to ensure they have a valid, government-issued ID of some kind to ensure they can vote no matter what weird gymnastics the Republicans require.
  • Edward Snowden. He’s not a traitor and he’s not a hero either. Still not quite sure what to make of him. Neither side, nor Snowden himself, have made a compelling argument either way. He is telling us stuff our government has been doing for years, but I’ve found everything unsurprising. He’s clearly broken a number of federal laws (as a government contractor, he had to sign a number of papers promising not to divulge what he learned in his job), but that isn’t the same thing as being a traitor. But the Snowden problem raises a larger issue, one that’s been generally ignored – why the hell is the NSA hiring contractors? If our security is so important, why isn’t the NSA only hiring regular government employees who have to undergo a full security clearance before they are hired?
  • Investing. I’ve always believed in enlightened self-interest. Capitalism and the stock market can raise people out of poverty. I only need look as far as my own husband to see that (coupled with native intelligence and an excellent education, paid for by scholarships, work/study and loans). Sadly, many people who start investing don’t understand what they’re doing. Coupled with unregulated behavior by many financial institutions, it looks like the deck is hopelessly stacked against small investors. It isn’t – you need to be a careful investor. If anyone tells you they have an easy way to $1,000,000, they are lying.

When I was younger, I used to be more on the fence about unions, but given the current mess Republicans (pushed by ALEC and the Kook…errh, Koch Brothers) have made of employee rights, we need unions now more than ever.

I believe strongly in the tenants of the modern Democratic party, including its promotion of personal rights, protecting women and minorities, education, gun control, infrastructure, having a strong social safety net including health care and environmental protection. The Republicans have been very much wrong over their anti-tax raving. As Twitterer @AngieinWAState said “I like paying taxes, with them I buy…civilization.” I want to live in a civilized country. The Republicans don’t care if the United States is a civilized country, they only care to keep as much of the country’s wealth for themselves.

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My Uterus – a Look Back

Wouldn’t you know that during the year after my hysterectomy, public discussion of the uterus is more popular than ever?

Despite my lack of a uterus and ovaries, I don’t feel particularly left out. Jim and I felt early on that one kid was plenty and that my anatomy did not mean I had to have many children. We were always extremely careful about birth control, stopped using it when we were ready to have a child, had a child, returned to mandatory birth control use and then Jim had a vasectomy when we were sure we were ready for that. We made those plans and we retained control of the size of our family and of our reproductive health.

At the same time, while birth control no longer impacts me directly, I have always very strongly believed that individuals must have easy access to birth control, Plan B, and abortion. So I will continue to stand with women across the country who must fight the state to retain their rights to unimpeded birth control and abortion.

I didn’t wake up one morning and decide “I think I’ll get rid of my uterus and ovaries so I’ll never need to worry about them again.” I’d had a few rounds of ovarian cysts that got progressively more painful and led to multiple surgeries. In fact, when the cysts came back again when I was 51, I switched to a new gynecologist whenever I was told “You should have a hysterectomy.” After all, I was well into perimenopause, and menopause itself tends to stop ovarian cysts from reoccurring. But, at 55, I was still having painful periods and then got quite sick. So I was more than ready to say “Enough, I’ll finally have a hysterectomy.” It was my decision. My choice. I had the surgery because I was ready for it.

Women should always be able to make their own decisions about their reproductive health care, something that is no longer true in states like Texas, Ohio, North Carolina, Oklahoma…the list goes on.

If you look up information about hysterectomies online, you’ll read all kinds of information, some of it quite scary. Women are different, and the age you have a hysterectomy makes a huge difference. Since I was 55, my ovaries were already making less estrogen. Since I have a history of endometriosis and am a DES daughter, I could not consider going on hormone replacement therapy after the surgery. I admit, I was a little concerned about that, even though I’ve never been a “girly girl” type. Would a hysterectomy create more problems than it would fix?

While I had some problems post-op (an infected ovary led to an infection that migrated to the surgical wound which required all kinds of extra treatment (but, luckily, no additional hospitalization)), I recovered pretty rapidly. I felt I was about 95% back to normal within 6 weeks of surgery. Jim and I went to Chicon and while I couldn’t carry much, I walked a lot and had some great meals out.

A year post-op, I feel pretty good. I lost and regained 20 pounds, so I weigh about the same I had for the last couple of years. My weight “realigned” a little – my skin is a little looser, my breasts are a little smaller and so on. I’m walking a little over 2 miles a day (I’ve walked over 1,000 miles since early 2012 when I increased my walking and started using MapMyWalk to track my activity). But the frequent pelvic pain and all that extra bleeding is gone and I generally feel better. I still have a horrible case of insomnia, so I’m exhausted much of the time and my concentration is so-so – the hysterectomy had no impact on that at all.

So, do I talk a little about sex? A hysterectomy impacts a woman’s sex life in many ways. The issue here is that while I may want to be very open about how I feel about sex, I’m part of a longtime couple, and Jim is not fond of TMI-type discussions because they involve him too, and I do respect his privacy. A hysterectomy has to impact your sexual response over the short term because of scar tissue, the lack of a uterus, lack of estrogen…but, after a few months, if you take sex very easy (think of any kind of physical rehab), it can be as good as before. Sex is slightly different for me, but really not that much. My advice is don’t panic during the first couple of months about sex after a hysterectomy, but if you have severe pain, go see your doctor. In general, if you had a positive attitude/experience about sex pre-surgery, you’ll make adjustments and have a positive attitude/experience afterwards.

Support from family and friends after any major surgery was extremely helpful. I was very moved to get many messages from folks online after my surgery. I was very active in an online forum called Hystersisters for a few months which is for women who are having/have had hysterectomies. I had some mixed feelings about the forum. Most of the information they gave was accurate and practical, and sharing posts with other women who were pretty-much home-bound for a few weeks about their experiences was good. But…it was cutesy in places (“pamper the princess” – UGH), they tended to be overly cautious on activity and there’s some odd group-think that goes on among the leaders. With those cautions, I do recommend that hysterectomy patients check out the forum to see if it’s helpful to them.

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Fighting the Rapislators

Did you know that we now live in a country where some of the states are now legislating state-sponsored rape while gagging doctors’ ability to provide actual medical advice?

Here is the FBI definition of rape (1/2012)

“The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”

In Ohio, legislation that Republicans have passed mandate that women have an ultrasound (which is not medically necessary for an early abortion) with a vaginal probe (ditto).

I don’t know about you, but I would observe that a state mandating an unnecessary test that includes a vaginal probe is the state raping the woman symbolically. It’s meant to make abortions more difficult, impeding women of their right to have an abortion if they chose to have one. It means states like Ohio and Texas no longer have Republican legislators – they have rapislators, a sadly accurate term coined by @WiseRiseInfo on Twitter on 7/1/2013. Rapislators are people (usually men, almost always Republicans) who are using state-sponsored rape to restrict women’s rights.

Often, we hear rapislators claim they are pro-life. BULLSHIT! Rapislators are are only interested in restricting women’s rights. In Ohio, they’ve gone so far to add the unnecessary sonogram with vaginal probe to women seeking birth control. If you are truly only anti-abortion, you’d encourage women to get birth control. And, apparently there’s language that restricts a doctor’s ability to give accurate medical information to women who want to get abortions.

I do not believe abortion is murder. But, if it is murder, it is murder in self-defense. It’s a woman standing her ground. If a woman does not want to have an abortion, I support her decision. But I do not, I cannot, support any government that makes any decision about her reproductive health for her.

We need to find ways to fight the rapislators. I’m sending the following to Attorney General Eric Holder and to President Barack Obama:


Dear Sir:

In January 2012, the FBI defined rape in the following way:

“The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”

Since this is now the definition of rape, how can the Justice Department permit states like Ohio to mandate an unnecessary test like a sonogram with a vaginal probe before a woman gets an abortion? How is that not rape?

The Justice Department should nullify any state law that includes unnecessary medical tests and runs counter to Roe vs. Wade. Frankly, it looks like the federal government is supporting symbolic state-sponsored rape by some states by not acting.


I could not find a direct address for Attorney General Holder, but this address is supposed to forward DOJ E-mail. And you can write to President Obama via this form.

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My Approach to Following Accounts on Twitter

(last updated 9/9/2016)

When it first got going, I was one of the “What’s the point of Twitter?” people. But, gradually, I found it more interesting, and, since late 2012, have been an avid participant.

I like real followers. I regularly purge fake followers and inactive followers except for a few friends/relatives who like to read but not participate. ManageFlitter is a useful tool for managing Twitter followers. However it doesn’t identify obvious spam accounts with profiles like this:

I do not intend to share pic on Twitter however you can add my snapchat: XXXX so I am able to send you my pictures etc.


Goт мy ғιrѕт oғғer тodαy ғroм 100ĸғollowerѕ INC, GET 10,000 Twιттer Followerѕ ғor $39, αт

I now report profiles like to Twitter as spam accounts before I block them. If you add me to a list, I block you.

I’m not the kind to follow back everyone. I don’t follow (or immediately unfollow and sometimes block) any of the following kinds of accounts:

  • Accounts that are sexist, racist, religiously fanatical, gun-loving, #RWNJ (RightWingNutJob), #GamerGate (if you don’t know about this, you really don’t want to know about this), pro-puppy (ditto), political bots (people obviously only trying to make trouble).
  • Block any account with a gun in their profile or background picture.
  • Commercial-only accounts (except for those related to interesting books, movies, restaurants or places to visit), or accounts by individuals that seem only to link to “special deals.” Some of these individual accounts have perfectly-reasonable bios, but when you read the tweets, it’s clear these “individuals” have nothing real to say.
  • Accounts with an “egg” icon, a fish-face photo, a porn-like photo or no biographical description. I want to know something about the people I’m following. If you can’t say something about yourself or upload a photo, how do I know you’re not just a bot? Twitter should be interactive – why should we interact? Occasionally, I do follow egg/no bio accounts when they’ve made some interesting tweets.
  • Trolls (and, yes, sometimes even accounts I’d agree with on paper are trolls who are only there to stir things up).
  • Any tweet that’s just a link gets its account blocked and reported because often these are links to viruses.
  • People I know IRL and would rather not engage with on Twitter. It’s a free country.
  • People who use “tools” that spam people with direct messages (which are an annoying “feature” of Twitter) like Anyone dumb enough to use tools that spam aren’t people I want to deal with. I generally delete anyone who DMs me or who primarily posts how many people have followed/unfollowed them.

While I’m very active on #uniteblue, I don’t automatically follow-back because some people who are members of #uniteblue fall under one of the above categories.

I also think demanding a follow back or visiting a link is silly. I appreciate follow backs but don’t demand them. I might be too outspoken for many and that’s fine.

The single best way to guarantee that I’ll unfollow you is to send me a DM. Hate DMs on Twitter, they’re annoying.

Basically, when I run into people I’d rather not follow, I unfollow them and sometimes I block them and move on. If they’re overly abusive, commercial, or pornographic, I also report them to Twitter.

I do not read DMs and have said even so in my Twitter bio. They are a horrific waste of time. With only a few exceptions, they’ve been spam from a Twitter app or harassment. I’m at the point where I unfollow accounts which send out DMs.

I’m glad there are now tools to make blocking abuse accounts much easier. If you’re interested in learning more about blocking sock puppets, visit BlockTogether. You can create block lists and share them if you’d like to. If you got ensnared in the whole #GamerGate mess, follow GGAutoBlocker on Twitter.

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Who Voted in the Senate to Protect Military Rapists?

There has been an epidemic of reported rapes in the military over the last few years. So what does the Senate Armed Services Committee decide to do?

Protect the rapists.

I’m particularly disappointed by Claire McCaskill’s vote. She, sometimes, pretended to be a progressive (certainly compared to Todd Akin, she was). But she’s a woman with half a brain in her head part of the time, and yet she voted to continue to shield military rapists. SHAME!

(corrected phone list from Politics USA)

Kelly Ayotte (R -NH) (202) 224-3324
Roy Blunt (R – MO) (202) 224-5721
Saxby Chambliss (R – GA) (202) 224-3521
Deb Fischer (R – NE) (202) 224-6551
Lindsey Graham (R – SC) (202) 224-5972
James Inhofe (R – OK) (202) 224-4721
Tim Kaine (D – VA) (202) 224-4024
Angus King (I – ME) (202) 224-5344
Mike Lee (R – UT) (202) 224-5444
Carl Levin (D – MI) (202) 224-6221
Joe Manchin (D – WV) (202) 224-3954
John McCain (R – AZ) (202) 224-2235
Claire McCaskill (D – MO)(202) 224-6154
Bill Nelson (D – FL) (202) 224-5274
Jack Reed (D – RI) (202) 224-4642
Jeff Sessions (R – AL) (202) 224-4124
Roger Wicker (R – MS) (202) 224-6253

Twitter list, many of the same people who voted against the Violence Against Women Act and Gun Background Checks:

@KellyAyotte @RoyBlunt @SaxbyChambliss

@SenatorFischer @GrahamBlog @jiminhofe

@timkaine @SenAngusKing @SenMikeLee

@SenCarlLevin @Sen_JoeManchin @SenJohnMcCain

@clairecmc @SenBillNelson @SenJackReed

@SenatorSessions @SenatorWicker

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Remembering the Newtown Kids on Father’s Day

On Mother’s Day, I stumbled over a lovely essay by one of the Newtown Mothers…and it made me want to remember each of the kids. I would be especially angry if I were a Newtown mother, on Mother’s Day. These kids should all still be with their parents and their schools. So, I tweeted about each of the kids in honor of Father’s Day. Here’s what I said:

  • The 1st Father’s Day after #newtown – we should remember the kids who were murdered that day, as a callous government doesn’t care – WE DO!
  • Remembering Emilie Parker who would’ve been 7 on 5/12, wanted to be Hermionie Granger for her birthday. #newtown
  • Remembering Charlotte Bacon, in whose memory a Kindness Award was started. #newtown
  • Remembering Jesse Lewis who wrote “Nurturing Healing Love” on a chalkboard at home before he was murdered. #newtown
  • Remembering the rambunctious Noah Pozner whose twin sister was in another class. #newtown
  • Remembering red-headed Daniel Barden whose dad taught him Jingle Bells on the piano on his last morning. #newtown
  • Remembering Olivia Engel, who was a Daisy Girl Scout. #newtown
  • Remembering Josephine Gay, who loved the water and whose parents set up a fund for autistic children. #newtown
  • Remembering Dylan Hockley whose parents included a reading of Goodnight Moon at his memorial service. #newtown
  • Remembering Madeleine Hsu who loved dogs and wearing pink. #newtown
  • Remembering Catherine Hubbard who loved animals. Her parents asked for donations to an animal center. #newtown
  • Remembering Chase Kowalski who loved sports & played baseball. #newtown
  • Remembering Ana Marquez-Greene, who sang via video during her funeral. #newtown
  • Remembering James Mattioli who always loved to sing. #newtown
  • Remembering Grace McDonnell who loved the beach. #newtown
  • Remembering Jack Pinto who was buried in a NY Giants jersey. #newtown
  • Remembering Caroline Previdi whose favorite charity was The Toy Chest at her church. #newtown
  • Remembering Jessica Rekos who wanted cowboy boots for Christmas. #newtown
  • Remembering Avielle Richman whose Dad had been blogging about her adventures in 2012. #newtown
  • Remembering Jonathan Wheeler who wanted to be a paleontologist. #newtown
  • Remembering Allison Wyatt, an artistic girl who shared with strangers. #newtown
  • We should never forget the children of #newtown, particularly on Father’s Day. Write your representative – better gun laws save lives.

Never forget that these were the senators who cared more about the NRA’s opinion of them than the 90% of the public who wants better background checks. Here are the Twitter accounts of these senators:

@SenAlexander @KellyAyotte @SenJohnBarrasso @MaxBaucus @SenatorBegich

@RoyBlunt @JohnBoozeman @SenatorBurr @SaxbyChambliss @SenDanCoates

@TomCoburn @JeffFlake @SenThadCochran @SenBobCorker @JohnCornyn

@MikeCrapo @SenTedCruz @SenatorEnzi @SenMikeLee @SenatorFischer

@GrahamBlog @ChuckGrassley @SenOrrinHatch @jiminhofe

@SenatorHeitkamp @SenDeanHeller @SenJohnHoeven @SenatorIsakson

@Mike_Johanns @SenRonJohnson @McConnellPress @JerryMoran

@lisamurkowski @SenRandPaul @robportman @SenMarkPryor @SenatorRisch

@SenPatRoberts @marcorubio @SenatorTimScott @SenatorSessions

@SenShelbyPress @SenJohnThune @DavidVitter @SenatorWicker

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