My First “Official” Weblog

I went to a political event tonight, “in honor” of tax day. It was supposed to be something of an environmentalist’s nightmare on how our taxes, especially our state taxes, are being spent.

That was fine, but some of the “entertainment” was on the clueless side. One group decided that doing a three minute rant on Palestinians as victims was an appropriate way to educate us about environmental affairs. At least two people walked out. Instead of applauding or booing at the end, I said, “That was really poor judgment on your parts.”

There’s plenty of blame to go around in the Middle East. I’m not a Sharon fan, and I think he and Israel have behaved badly, particularly of late. But to portray the Palestinians as the only victims means you can ignore the hundreds of people murdered in terrorist attacks recently.

Ironically, I heard a brief ray of hope for Israeli-Palestinian relations just this morning. There’s a hospital in Israel (in Jerusalem, I think – it may be called Hadassah) that treats all people injured by acts of terrorism or war. Jewish, Moslem and Christian employees work side by side. At least there’s one place where people seem to be able to talk and work together.

No Longer the World’s Slowest Blog is a periodic blog with comments on a variety of topics.

Why Blog?

I’m still not sure “why blog” when I’ve been writing Web pages since 1994. But, I thought I’d give it a shot. So, here’s the continuation of the World’s Slowest Blog (AKA: Laurie Mann’s Home Page), begun in the fall of 1994, when the Web (and I) were both younger.

I actually had other tasks for today (today being a “non-work” day – due to the “tech recession” the best job I could find was a part time Web contract job), but I was somewhat taken aback by the news that Damon Knight had died. Yes, I know he was 79, so I shouldn’t have been taken aback by much. Still, there are always those people whom you’ve only met occasionally that you hope to see more of in the future, despite their age. I felt that way very strongly about Damon.

Tax returns are done for another year. Actually, they were mostly done in February — I like to send in returns for refunds early and hold the returns that need payment in mid-April. I do wish that that Post Office wouldn’t be open extra hours on April 15. It just encourages the procrastinators.

No Longer the World’s Slowest Blog is a periodic blog with comments on a variety of topics.