About Laurie Mann

Laurie is a longtime geek, as a science fiction fan and then a computer nerd.  She was born in 1957, has had an E-mail address for over half her life (since 1983), was on USENET in 1988, GEnie & AOL in 1989, built her first Webpages in 1994, and has been on Twitter since 2009.

Born in Vermont, raised in Massachusetts, she’s lived in Pennsylvania since 1993.  She’s been married to Jim since 1977, and they have an adult daughter Leslie who’s a database administrator by day and a dungeon master by weekend.

Professionally, she was a tech writer and a website developer, but has not worked regularly since 2005 due to insomnia.  In place of having a career, she’s been doing volunteer work for SF cons, for Global Links, and does some movie and TV extra work for Pittsburgh-based productions (including playing a dead body on the Outsiders in 2017).


Laurie has created all material at Alien Cheese, except where noted. While she has comment forms up, she will not publish hate speech, rants or spam (which is why comments are so rarely published here).

She did not write most of the material linked at fanac.org, which is being reposted for the Fanac Fan History Project.