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A Letter to the Log Cabin Republicans

[[When I get on a roll…]]

Dear folks,

I cannot comprehend a greater oxymoron in this day than “gay” and “Republican.” I’m naturally something of a contrarian, but this is too much, even for me!

I used to vote more often for Republican candidates than Democratic candidates, but cannot bring myself to vote Republican anymore.

Why, just this week, one of the leading Republican senators equated incest and homosexuality (something I wrote both to him and to our local paper ( to disagree with vehemently).

And, apparently today, our government’s representative at the UN will abstain from voting in favor of not discriminating on basis of sexual orientation.

Gay rights issues, on a federal level, will continue to fail so long as Bush and friends are in power.

I have a lot of respect for Log Cabin Republicans, but you’re fighting a loosing battle for the forseeable future. Help the rest of us “out” the Republicans next year so we can all have a saner federal government!

Laurie D. T. Mann

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